How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent


For personal growers, grow tents are the best way to use limited space and resources at their maximum level by creating optimal conditions for growing. Whether you know exactly how many plants you need, or only have a specific area to work with, this blog will explain what size grow tent is right for you.


Why is it so important to choose the right tent size?

Use a grow tent that is too large and you may end up paying more than you need for heating, lighting, and other hydroponics equipment.

Choose one that is too small and may overcrowd, creating an environment unsuitable for mature plants.


How many cannabis plants per grow tent?

The most commonly used grow bag sizes for home growing cannabis are 3gal (27cm diameter) or 5gal (31.5cm diameter), then you need to consider that cannabis plants can grow 13-15cm beyond the edge of the grow bag on any given side.

So, my advice below assumes you will be growing with 3 or 5 gallons grow bags/buckets

1 cannabis plant: 2X2 ft grow tent

2 cannabis plants: 4X2 ft grow tent, 3X3 ft grow tent

4 cannabis plants: 4X4 ft grow tent, 5x5 ft grow tent


Does growing more cannabis plants in one grow tent equal more yield?

Squeezing as many plants as possible into a tent does not necessarily equal higher yields, e.g. overcrowding 2-3 adult size plants into a 2X2ft grow tent

In addition, the light will also be an important factor. If your light isn't powerful enough, you may end up with the same harvest from 3 to 4 plants as 1 or 2 plants

For tents of different sizes, the lights we recommend you use are as follows

2X2 ft grow tent: SF1000

4X2 ft grow tent: SF2000

3X3 ft grow tent: SE3000

4X4 ft grow tent: SF4000/SE5000

5x5 ft grow tent: SE7000/SF7000/SE1000W